Happy Little Snowman

December 16, 2010

A few of the snowmen before I gave them away

I wanted to give my coworkers a small but thoughtful Christmas gift.  My intention was to make them smile and to bring a little holiday cheer into the office. 

While browsing youtube for “holiday arts and crafts” and I came accros a video that discussed holiday crafts.  At about 1:51 the lady showed little snowmen made out of socks.  I thought the idea of using baby socks as a beanie was too cute!  It inspired me to take that idea and create my own little version of snow peeps!

A couple days later I brought my little snow peeps to work.  Everyone who received one was suddenly so happy!!  Their eyes lit up, their voices got a little high pitched, and they were just filled with joy!  I didn’t realize that these little snowmen would bring so much glee!! 

Since these little snowmen generated so much happiness, I decided to make my first youtube tutorial.  I want to share how to make these little guys so that whoever is watching can make them, share them, and spread more happiness! 
Enjoy watching the video below:

just me,


Happy Thoughts

December 2, 2010

Jaclyn Rae recently commented on one of the posts in our blog.  It prompted me to read her blog and I thought this blog was AWESOME!


She wrote about how she keeps a journal dedicated to happy thoughts.  I can see that being a valuable reference to anyone who is in need of a “pick me up.”

Happy happy, joy joy!

Happy Love

November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!  I’ve got so much to be thankful for…caring family, wonderful amazing friends, stable career, and the list goes on and on and on… just very thankful for everything God has blessed me with.  I’m surrounded by so much love, and love in all forms is a special thing.  Thank you to all the awesome people in my life!

I’d also like to share a very special Height of Happiness.  One year ago today, my boyfriend Ryan told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and asked me to marry him!   I was  lucky enough to find such a  genuine guy who makes me laugh every day, and is always willing and ready to take me on.   He’s one of the  most positive forces that surround me.  He always finds a way to be optimistic about any situation, and that has really helped me overcome challenging times.   We all need supportive people like that in our lives.  I can honestly say that he has helped me want to be a better person.  I can’t thank him enough for being who he is, and always believing in me.  He’s definitely one of the reasons I wake up with a smile on my face.  I can’t wait to marry him.  Very thankful for the Happy Love.

– sharon

One Vision

November 22, 2010

“If Catherine has one vision and George has one vision … what do you have?  Division.”  – Father Manny, St. Michael’s church.

2 years ago today,  the priest told us the above quote at our wedding ceremony.  His little quote still makes us giggle and our friends still talk about it … but we all know that Father Manny was right.   Although we’ve only been married for 2 years,  we have been together for 10 years.  I’d be lying if I said our relationship has always been filled with candy and roses.  We do have the occasional “debate.”

Gee and I have always said that we don’t fight … we debate!  What makes a fight different from a debate is that we are really listening to each other and trying to understand the other person’s point of view.  After our debate,  we come to some sort of compromise and decide what the best thing is to do. 

I make our debates sound very civil, huh?  It’s not always that way.  Sometimes they get really heated and sometimes we cry … but we never go to bed angry.   We always come to some sort of compromise or we realize at the end how silly we were for debating in the first place. 

After we got married our debates have gotten shorter.  One of the reason’s that they have gotten shorter is we started to say, “One Vision!”  in the middle of our debate.  It always lightens the mood and reminds us that we’ve got to get to the point and compromise.

Always remember to share the same vision with your partner.  If there are any disagreements … don’t fight … debate!

just me,

May the Force Be With You

November 11, 2010

Sometimes,  the most logical decision pains me to commit to it.  This typically applies to decisions that involve life, emotions, morals, spirituality, religious beliefs and I feel in my heart is my ultimate purpose.

When you encounter that situation, sit in a quiet room, close your eyes and clear your mind of all thoughts.  It is at that moment where you are clear and you heart will be able to speak to you.  The heart knows what it wants and when it gets it,  you are calm and at peace.

For me, I believe that in that moment I am open to God.  He is guiding me to the right decision.  He speaks to my heart and helps me find what is “right” for me.  Whoever your God is,  I’m sure He/She/It speaks to you, too.

Some may say, “What if someone is in a bad relationship, but their ‘heart’ is telling them to stay in that relationship?”  I say … “Well,  the heart is telling that person the relationship is bad, but that person is choosing to ignore it.” 

In a loving relationship,  the relationship is never “bad.”  Loving relationships only hit the occasional pot hole or speed bump. 

Sit in silence and listen to the force inside of you that is guiding you along the way.  You will find that life really doesn’t have to be that hard.

Today I leave you with a conversation between Luke and Yoda from the move Star Wars.

Luke How do I know the right decision to make?  Among all the many decisions, how do I know the one that will be with the force?
YodaYou will know through peace and calm.  You will know you’re on the right track when you’re not feeling frantic, when you’re not feeling anxious, when you’re not struggling with different parts of yourself.  When you get to the right answer and the right decision that is yours, there will be a peace and calm that will come from within you and radiate from you.

Don’t worry, be happy … life is good!

The Wanter of Many Things

August 2, 2010

My co-worker said something really cool the other day … “Why should I buy something because advertisements tell me I need it.”

He is so right.  The media has polluted our minds to make us believe that we need more when we don’t really need it. 

We are all guilty of this at some point in our life.  Especially when disposable income is abundant.

I remember when I lived at my parents house.  I had started my career and was making pretty good money.  All I had to pay for was my car, cell phone, credit card, and car insurance.  Food and shelter provided.  The funny thing is … my savings was never reach more than $5k.  Where did all that money go??  The answer is simple:  gadgets, makeup, clothes, black shoes, games for my PC, books, and what ever else I wanted at the time.

As a recovering “wanter of many things” … I have learned that all the “stuff” does not make me happy.  In fact,  after accumulating so much stuff  I got kind of sad.  I have all this stuff that I don’t need cluttering up my little home.  It was a constant reminder of how spoiled I am.  It makes me think of how un-spoiled other people are.  It makes sad because I begin to think of how greedy and selfish I can be.  I even splurged on food and have the body to show for it!

We recently came accross some really hard times.  I call that time a blessing from God.  It was during this time when we were humbled and were brought back to the basic means of survival: God, Family, Friends, Food, water, and shelter.  Although we don’t technically need it … these help … electricity, phone and internet. 🙂

As a recovering “wanters of many things”  … my husband and I have been consolidating our stuff by donating it to charity or family/friends.  We have also been selling our used games to Game Stop and using the credit to buy used games.  In addition, I sell my books to a used bookstore or sell them online at Powells.com.  Now,  when we want something we ask ourself … “Do we want it or we need it?  Is this an investment?” 

We are not perfect and we do splurge on the occassional want.  BUT  it is not as frequent.  The good news is … I don’t miss the stuff.  In fact,  I feel lighter and so much more thankful for EVERYTHING this world has to offer.

To acheive happiness … live simple, be resourcefull, give back to the community, and to never loose sight of all the blessings you already have.  You’ll find that you already have everything you already need and you will no longer be a wanter of many things.

just me,

Feel Good Food

June 6, 2010

Next time you go grocery shopping you might want to pick up a few of these items.  You’re diet can help to naturally manage stress in your life.  Certain foods can help you relax and stay calm, reduce a cranky mood, and decrease stress or tension.    Here’s a list of food that can make you feel a little happier:

  •  Brown rice: A good source of B complex vitamins and fiber that can reduce stress and anxiety, while increasing concentration.
  • Avocados: Contains potassium and vitamin E can help calm nerves.
  • Salmon: Contains Vitamin B12 and Omega 3 fatty acids that will prevent depression if regularly incorporated into your diet.
  • Bananas: Contain Vtamin B6, which your body may need more of if you drink a lot of alcohol or are on birth control pills. Also, contains potassium that can reduce tension.
  • Chicken liver:  High in folic acids which pomote feel good neurotransmitters from the brain.
  • Blueberries: Full of antioxidents that can protect your body from the effects of stress.
  • Almonds: When you’re stressed out they will help lower blood pressure and keep oxygen circulating in your body
  • Spinach: Contains magnesium that can keep you in a calm state
  • Tuna: Contains Omega 3 fatty acids which can keep your adrenaline in control