“Hi, how are you?”

For the sake of  being polite,  we tend to walk briskly past each other and say a quick “Hi, how are you?”  We don’t even stop to really listen to the response.  It’s like we are just being polite and we don’t really care how the other person is doing …. which is actually quite rude.

Admitt it,  you are guilty of it, too.

The next time you walk past someone say, “Hi,  how are you?” then stop and wait for a response.  The greeting is much more sincere and more rewarding.  I know, I’m corny, but it really does feel good when someone shows they care … even if it’s just for a couple of seconds.

If you don’t care for the small talk at the moment just smile and say “hi!”  A simple smile and “hi” can also really make someone’s day.  Especially if they are having a rough one.

Just me,


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