The Wanter of Many Things

My co-worker said something really cool the other day … “Why should I buy something because advertisements tell me I need it.”

He is so right.  The media has polluted our minds to make us believe that we need more when we don’t really need it. 

We are all guilty of this at some point in our life.  Especially when disposable income is abundant.

I remember when I lived at my parents house.  I had started my career and was making pretty good money.  All I had to pay for was my car, cell phone, credit card, and car insurance.  Food and shelter provided.  The funny thing is … my savings was never reach more than $5k.  Where did all that money go??  The answer is simple:  gadgets, makeup, clothes, black shoes, games for my PC, books, and what ever else I wanted at the time.

As a recovering “wanter of many things” … I have learned that all the “stuff” does not make me happy.  In fact,  after accumulating so much stuff  I got kind of sad.  I have all this stuff that I don’t need cluttering up my little home.  It was a constant reminder of how spoiled I am.  It makes me think of how un-spoiled other people are.  It makes sad because I begin to think of how greedy and selfish I can be.  I even splurged on food and have the body to show for it!

We recently came accross some really hard times.  I call that time a blessing from God.  It was during this time when we were humbled and were brought back to the basic means of survival: God, Family, Friends, Food, water, and shelter.  Although we don’t technically need it … these help … electricity, phone and internet. 🙂

As a recovering “wanters of many things”  … my husband and I have been consolidating our stuff by donating it to charity or family/friends.  We have also been selling our used games to Game Stop and using the credit to buy used games.  In addition, I sell my books to a used bookstore or sell them online at  Now,  when we want something we ask ourself … “Do we want it or we need it?  Is this an investment?” 

We are not perfect and we do splurge on the occassional want.  BUT  it is not as frequent.  The good news is … I don’t miss the stuff.  In fact,  I feel lighter and so much more thankful for EVERYTHING this world has to offer.

To acheive happiness … live simple, be resourcefull, give back to the community, and to never loose sight of all the blessings you already have.  You’ll find that you already have everything you already need and you will no longer be a wanter of many things.

just me,


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  1. I really liked your blog! It helped me alot…

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