Relay for LIFE

August 15, 2010

Me and my Hubby ... Team Captains!

If you are my friend on Facebook, you have probably seen me post  a link to asking you to join our team and for donations. These links were posted before I was transformed into someone who is truly passionate about kick ing cancer in the butt. 

 It wasn’t until yesterday and this morning, that I began to feel deep down in my heart that I want to rid the world of cancer.  I am inspired and I want to inspire others. I am so touched by this whole eveexpereince that I feel the need to tell people more about what Relay for Life is so that you will understand what makes this event so special and amazing.  

This is our FIRST time being team captains and we will be team captains for life! 

Why did we do this?  

Our Inspiration

Cancer has affect about 7 people in my life … It wasn’t until 2006 that it really, really hit close to home. 

George’s grandma, Eden T. Bautista (ETB) passed away in 2006 from lung cancer at 70 years old.  She was like George’s mom.   In 2009 our friend Jennifer Sapiera DelosReyes died of luekemia … she was only 37 years old.  Both women fought till the very end. 

Vivien is the only survivor within our close group of family and friends.  She is 8 years in remission from Lymphoma.  She donates a ton of her time to events such as the American Cance r Society because she is so passionate about ridding the world of cancer.

This year she passed her team along to Gee and I so that it could be dedicated to Grandma’s memory.

What is Relay for Life?

When many people hear “Relay for Life”  you think that it’s your typical 3k/5k walk run.  This is not  your TYPICAL event

  • The event starts at 10a on Saturday and ends at 10a the following morning … yes … most teams sleep overnight. 🙂
  • This event is about bringing the COMMUNITY together .  You walk in and people want to share their stories!
  • Yes,  you walk around the track  BUT  one team member is required to walk around the track at all times …  even through the night.
  • We raise money as soon as you register your team … Registration begins about 10 months after before the next event
  • There are booths where people sell food, t-shirts, music, play games, etc … where 100% of the proceeds go directly to the American Cancer Society.Probably not a  new thing … but all team captains have a booth that sells goodies.
  • There’s entertainment up till about midnight!
  • There is a luminaria where people decorate paper bags and it lights up the track all night
  • There is a slideshow at night in memory of those who have passed and those who have survived

Our FIRST booth! It's going to be better next year!

We chose National City because that’s where Vi lives, Grandma lived there and Gee grew up.  This is also the home for many of our friends and San Diego’s neighbor.  National City is often referred to as “the hood” or “Nasty City” or “the not so safe” place … however … this event makes the community feel like one big happy family.  You feel the love of the community and the passion of everyone involved.  It is such a humble little neighborhood that managed to raise $70,000!   In an economy that is not so great … that is pretty darn good!   We will continue to support this neighborhood!

Listening to the storeis that everyone has to tell and seeing how many people are affected by cancer is just so inpiring …  

  • A little girl got on stage  who is motherless because of cancer. 
  • A man whose Grandmother is a survivor does this so his son will have more days with her. 
  • A woman talked about how her husband passed away after 3 days of being diagnosed with brain cancer
  • Ms National City is a cancer survivor and she’s 17 years old
  • Another guy admitted that he had family that passed away but just continued his life … it wasn’t until his dad, sister and and pets got cancer that he decided to be more involved. 
  • there are so many more stories … and all the survivors have such spirit and appreciation for life!

This event truly touches your life.  This morning we we left crying and more motivated because we were just so touched by the stories and the community.

A New Outlook

Mrs. Quillopo and me! I think she'll join our team next year! ❤

This was a really tough year for my husband and I.  It was hard to even muster up enough motivation to stick with our committment. We didn’t even give this team 100% … it was more like 75% … We thought about flaking out. We thought about not doing this again next year.  We even thought about NOT sleeping over and leaving before the closing ceremonies.  BUT after yesterday we decided we  want to do this again…. and again … for as long as we can while putting forth 110%.

My husband to start planning for next year and that is a BIG DEAL because he is not a huge planner.  He is so passionate about making next year even more awesome than that he talked about it on the way home,  during lunch, and he was still talking about it when I woke up from my nap!   I’m proud of my hubby! 🙂

Yes,  the American Cancer Society (ACS) raises a lot of money through various charity events but each contribution no matter how big or small has a tremendous impact on the lives of people who have dealt or are dealing with cancer.  By lives,  I’m also referring to the families affected by cancer.  All the contributions to  ACS allows them to provide services which helps so many people. 

Our goal is to not only remember those who have passed … but to create more survivors like Vi.  We want to raise money for the cause so that the people who are coping with cancer have the resources and support that they need to make it through.  We want to fight for those who don’t have the strength to fight for themselves.

Just me …. Cat


The Wanter of Many Things

August 2, 2010

My co-worker said something really cool the other day … “Why should I buy something because advertisements tell me I need it.”

He is so right.  The media has polluted our minds to make us believe that we need more when we don’t really need it. 

We are all guilty of this at some point in our life.  Especially when disposable income is abundant.

I remember when I lived at my parents house.  I had started my career and was making pretty good money.  All I had to pay for was my car, cell phone, credit card, and car insurance.  Food and shelter provided.  The funny thing is … my savings was never reach more than $5k.  Where did all that money go??  The answer is simple:  gadgets, makeup, clothes, black shoes, games for my PC, books, and what ever else I wanted at the time.

As a recovering “wanter of many things” … I have learned that all the “stuff” does not make me happy.  In fact,  after accumulating so much stuff  I got kind of sad.  I have all this stuff that I don’t need cluttering up my little home.  It was a constant reminder of how spoiled I am.  It makes me think of how un-spoiled other people are.  It makes sad because I begin to think of how greedy and selfish I can be.  I even splurged on food and have the body to show for it!

We recently came accross some really hard times.  I call that time a blessing from God.  It was during this time when we were humbled and were brought back to the basic means of survival: God, Family, Friends, Food, water, and shelter.  Although we don’t technically need it … these help … electricity, phone and internet. 🙂

As a recovering “wanters of many things”  … my husband and I have been consolidating our stuff by donating it to charity or family/friends.  We have also been selling our used games to Game Stop and using the credit to buy used games.  In addition, I sell my books to a used bookstore or sell them online at  Now,  when we want something we ask ourself … “Do we want it or we need it?  Is this an investment?” 

We are not perfect and we do splurge on the occassional want.  BUT  it is not as frequent.  The good news is … I don’t miss the stuff.  In fact,  I feel lighter and so much more thankful for EVERYTHING this world has to offer.

To acheive happiness … live simple, be resourcefull, give back to the community, and to never loose sight of all the blessings you already have.  You’ll find that you already have everything you already need and you will no longer be a wanter of many things.

just me,