Stand Still

July 23, 2010

It is easy to get distracted with the hustle and bustle of life.   In the midst of all of life’s distractions sometimes we forget to stand still and reflect.

I am usually very good about reading my daily inspirational words from Bob Proctor, Marry Morrissey, and Our daily bread.  But lately,  I have been so distracted that I have neglected to read all these wonderfuly inspiring words.  My parents even gave me a calendar with daily scripture and the date has been stuck on June 12th.  These emails and scriptures act as my daily dose of positivity and wisdom.  It forces me to stand still.

I have been so distracted lately that I have, once again, lost touch with the importance of standing still.

When you stand still you give yourself a moment to reflect on who you are as a person and the person you want to become.  I believe that life is a constant journey of discovering who you are.  With each new experience and by drawing on the experience of others,  we gain a bit of wisdom that alters our perception of the world.  It’s what you do with that wisdom and how you let if affect you that matters.

 Standing still gives you an opportunity to reflect on all the doses of wisdom that has been given to you.  Without standing still you are never given a chance to reflect.  It gives you a moment to ask yourself:

  1. What have I learned?
  2. How can I apply what I’ve learned to make me a better person? 
  3. Am I being thankful enough? 
  4. Am I making a positive contribution to the world?
  5. Where am I headed?

At various point in our lives the answer to some of those questions may be “I don’t know” but there are times when you have the “ah ha!” moment and everything is suddenly so clear. 

If you haven’t stood still in awhile … do it now.  It might inspire you  to doing something great.