The Stress Free Zone

We can all get caught up with the demands of life sometime.  Stress is a natural reaction to feeling overwhelmed, and that’s why it’s really important for us to make sure we all take time to calm ourselves down when we feel like we’ve got a little too much on our plate.  Here’s some ways that can help:

  1. Take a walk:  Excercise is one of the best stress relievers!  It’s a good way to release some pent up physical energy and clear your mind.
  2. Go Outside:  This one is a life saver for me.   I need to spend at least a little bit of time outside every day.  If you’re at work in a confined space, take a break and get some fresh air.  It’s a good way to break up your day and calm yourself down.
  3. Breathe:  Sometimes we can’t get away, but we can try and control our breathing no matter where we’re at.   This technique gets people to slow down and focus on their breathing to help them calm down. It works wonders! Inhale…exhale…
  4. Close your eyes:  Usually when we’re stressed out, all of our senses are working overtime.  Sometimes if you just close your eyes for a few seconds, it can help to relieve all of the overstimulation and help us refocus.
  5. Change your attitude:  It’s so easy to intensify a situation when we’re stressed out about things.  If we can take a minute to change our attitude about it and focus on the positive, it can help calm us down, think more clearly, and get things done in a more effective and stress free way.

All of these techniues used at the same time can be even more effective.   When you really need to… go for a walk outside, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and change your attitude.   Let’s get in a stress free zone.  Hope this helps!


One Response to The Stress Free Zone

  1. Vi Ariola says:

    Love this! I try to fit this in every day!

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