Case of the Mondays…

What’s your attitude when you get up on Monday mornings?  Mondays get a bad wrap most of the time, but here’s a few general reasons to look forward to them:

  • It’s the start of a new week and a new adventure
  • You have a job to go to and get ready for
  • It’s a good day to reflect on the past week
  • You get to brag about all the great things you did over the weekend
  • You can be glad that the not-so-great things that happened the week before are over
  • It’s a good day to avoid crowds at dinner and the mall
  • A lot of holidays are observed on Mondays, which could mean a long weekend 
  • Monday is usually a day to start a new goal
  • Something good will happen

We all have to face our Mondays whether we like it or not.  Its better to start off your Monday, or any day of the week, with a smile on your face and a good attitude.  Starting off with a positive attitude could determine the rest of your day… so make it a good one!  Have a nice day!


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