The Stress Free Zone

June 17, 2010

We can all get caught up with the demands of life sometime.  Stress is a natural reaction to feeling overwhelmed, and that’s why it’s really important for us to make sure we all take time to calm ourselves down when we feel like we’ve got a little too much on our plate.  Here’s some ways that can help:

  1. Take a walk:  Excercise is one of the best stress relievers!  It’s a good way to release some pent up physical energy and clear your mind.
  2. Go Outside:  This one is a life saver for me.   I need to spend at least a little bit of time outside every day.  If you’re at work in a confined space, take a break and get some fresh air.  It’s a good way to break up your day and calm yourself down.
  3. Breathe:  Sometimes we can’t get away, but we can try and control our breathing no matter where we’re at.   This technique gets people to slow down and focus on their breathing to help them calm down. It works wonders! Inhale…exhale…
  4. Close your eyes:  Usually when we’re stressed out, all of our senses are working overtime.  Sometimes if you just close your eyes for a few seconds, it can help to relieve all of the overstimulation and help us refocus.
  5. Change your attitude:  It’s so easy to intensify a situation when we’re stressed out about things.  If we can take a minute to change our attitude about it and focus on the positive, it can help calm us down, think more clearly, and get things done in a more effective and stress free way.

All of these techniues used at the same time can be even more effective.   When you really need to… go for a walk outside, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and change your attitude.   Let’s get in a stress free zone.  Hope this helps!


Case of the Mondays…

June 14, 2010

What’s your attitude when you get up on Monday mornings?  Mondays get a bad wrap most of the time, but here’s a few general reasons to look forward to them:

  • It’s the start of a new week and a new adventure
  • You have a job to go to and get ready for
  • It’s a good day to reflect on the past week
  • You get to brag about all the great things you did over the weekend
  • You can be glad that the not-so-great things that happened the week before are over
  • It’s a good day to avoid crowds at dinner and the mall
  • A lot of holidays are observed on Mondays, which could mean a long weekend 
  • Monday is usually a day to start a new goal
  • Something good will happen

We all have to face our Mondays whether we like it or not.  Its better to start off your Monday, or any day of the week, with a smile on your face and a good attitude.  Starting off with a positive attitude could determine the rest of your day… so make it a good one!  Have a nice day!

Feel Good Food

June 6, 2010

Next time you go grocery shopping you might want to pick up a few of these items.  You’re diet can help to naturally manage stress in your life.  Certain foods can help you relax and stay calm, reduce a cranky mood, and decrease stress or tension.    Here’s a list of food that can make you feel a little happier:

  •  Brown rice: A good source of B complex vitamins and fiber that can reduce stress and anxiety, while increasing concentration.
  • Avocados: Contains potassium and vitamin E can help calm nerves.
  • Salmon: Contains Vitamin B12 and Omega 3 fatty acids that will prevent depression if regularly incorporated into your diet.
  • Bananas: Contain Vtamin B6, which your body may need more of if you drink a lot of alcohol or are on birth control pills. Also, contains potassium that can reduce tension.
  • Chicken liver:  High in folic acids which pomote feel good neurotransmitters from the brain.
  • Blueberries: Full of antioxidents that can protect your body from the effects of stress.
  • Almonds: When you’re stressed out they will help lower blood pressure and keep oxygen circulating in your body
  • Spinach: Contains magnesium that can keep you in a calm state
  • Tuna: Contains Omega 3 fatty acids which can keep your adrenaline in control