The Mantras

Don't step on it ... it makes you cry!

I am a happy person and I feel comfortable in my own skin BUT sometimes when I look in the mirror I realize that my self-perception is not in line with how I actually look.

Weight can affect one’s self esteem and, most importantly, it can affect your health.  This can ultimately lead to unhappiness which is totally against everything we believe in.

BFF and I were talking one day about how we wished we could drop some of these unwanted pounds.  We came up with 3 mantras to motivate us!  This list is intended to be light-hearted and fun,  but it actually has some truth to it.

# 1 Food is Abundant

Why do we stuff our faces with so much food as though we will not be able to eat again?  There is no need to stuff our faces with as much food as we can just because it is there.   Nature gives us food … and so do the many grocery stores out there.  Food will always be available.

#2  Fat is Gross

If we are trying to get rid of the extra fat on our bellies,  why do we continue consume so much of it?  Does fat really taste that good?  ew.

#3  Taste is temporary

This is the most important of them all.  Taste is temporary,  therefore we should eat a little bit now and save some for later.  This will prolong the lasting affect of the taste.

Like I said,  this list is intended to be light-hearted and fun but maybe it will affect you in a positive way.  For example … next time you feel like eating a whole bag of chips … think about these 3 mantras …. you’ll probably eat less. =)

Just me,



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