Don’t Forget to Say “Thank You!”

When I was growing up my parents would tell me how fortunate I was to have such good things and that I was spoiled.  At the time I would think, “Whatever … they just don’t know how things are now.  Times are different.”  Now that I am older, and hopefully wiser,  I realize that they were right and they still are right.

Just about everything is “easy” and “accessible” … when something is not “easy” or “accessible” we whine and complain how it should be “improved.”  We complain about so many things:  buggy software programs are, dropped calls, temporary shut off of water/electricity/cable, walking far, or even how overweight we are.

Instead of complaining we should be THANKFUL that we live in a world where we have technology  which enables us to work more efficiently.  Mother nature has given us everything we need to survive.  She even has hidden gems that man has use to create such wonderful technology.

We are so spoiled that we sometimes forget how much work goes into discovering these new and wonderful technologies.  We complain instead of being thankful.  We should be thankful that we don’t have to send mail by the pony express, walk 2 miles to get water from a well, start a fire to cook food, or even be so skinny because we didn’t catch the fish for dinner.

If we complained less and started being thankful for everything that we do have … we WILL live a more happy and positive life.

Saying “thank you” goes a very long way.  It radiates positive energy to those who hear it.  It also makes you feel so blessed that you are alive and able to enjoy all these things.

Thank you for reading our little blog.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing it. =)

just me,



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