Don’t Let the Sadness Sink You

There is a scene in The Never Ending Story where Atreyu and Artax have to go through the Swamps of Sadness to find Morla,  the wisest being on Fantasia.  If they let the sadness overtake them, they will sink into the swamp.  Unfortunately,  Artax let the sadness overtake him despite Atreyu’s words of encouragement.  You can watch the clip below or click the link here.

It’s a very sad scene,  but the lesson in that scene is a very good one.  Atreyu and Artrax represent our support system of family and friends.  The Swamps of Sadness represent emotional pain.  Morla represents the wisdom gained after making it through a difficult time.

Don’t let the sadness sink you deeper into your pity pots.  Instead, look at the sadness as a period of reflection where you can look deep within yourself and find the strength to move forward.  It’s  always there,  you just have to believe that it’s in there.

I believe in you,  you should too.


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