I’m an indecisive person.  I admit it.  I’m probably even known for it to people who are close to me.  That is why I know from personal experience that not being able to make a decision can leave you at a standstill.  Instead of moving forward, you might be stuck contemplating all of the what if’s, and ironically the opportunity may even pass you by.

If you make a decision, then you allow the outcome to happen, even if it may not be the outcome you had originally hoped for.  Sometimes you have to just make a choice, be positive, and hope for the best.  It may turn out that the decision you made could ultimately lead you to an even better destination, open more opportunities, and maybe even be the best choice you’ve ever made.   Regardless of the outcome, something positive can be gained, but first you have to choose.  Let’s make some moves!

sharon =)

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