The Happy Outlet

Blogging…what a great way to express yourself and acknowledge all that’s good in the world.  A couple of friends who want to embrace and celebrate all things positive in their lives.  To inspire themselves, eachother, and anyone else along the way.  Be positive. Be grateful. Be happy!


2 Responses to The Happy Outlet

  1. Vi Ariola says:

    Happiness is……Dhaygo!
    I was blessed to have Dhaygo “Emo” Ariola into my life. He is my dog. He came to me as an adoption by passing from my brtoher Alex and his best friend, Gee. They had gotten Dhaygo as they had wanted to breed/raise pitbulls. Unfortuantely, they had to move and were unable to keep him and brought him to live with me. I was a bit afraid at the time, but I had learned to love Dhaygo. He is my happiness. When I come home I have someone to hug and be my best friend…My furrkid. If you have a pet…a dog…be sure to love them as you would want to be loved. UNCONDITIONALLY. Thank you for letting me share wih you all.

  2. Sharon says:

    Vi…Thanks for sharing the happiness that Dhaygo brings you! An unconditional bond and relationship is priceless!

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