The Gautane Family

The Gautane Family. The 4 kiddos drew this picture to welcome their Dad home. He had been in Kuwait for 4 months.

The power of family is pretty amazing.

“Family” can refer to the relationship with pets, a close knit group of friends, it can even be your co-workers.

They do so many healing things for your soul. They …

… scoop you out of your pity pot
… wipe away your wasted tears
… listen to you whine and complain
… don’t judge you
… remind you to never loose hope
… give you something to look forward too everyday
… forgive you when you’ve hurt their feelings
… pray for you when you forget to pray for yourself
… and the list goes on and on and on …

Believe it or not,  you do the same thing for your family, too.  That’s the beauty of family,  all things positive are reciprocated without question.

When it boils down to it,  life on this planet is pretty darn depressing if you don’t have a family.

Be thankful for the family that you have.  I know they are thankful for you.


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